Grettir as new

small harbour, big crowd
small harbour, big crowd
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There was a peculiar boatcrowd in the harbor last Sunday. Currently the harvesters' boats, an excavation vessel carrying a huge shovel, a sand barge and a sailboat try to take shelter from spring storms. These had to be shuffled around to make space for Grettir inside the harbour. The boats lay like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle between each other. Because of expected high winds it was not advisable to lie outside the dock, although new tires now adorne the entire edge.

Björn Samúelsson is the new captain of Grettir. He has worked at the Thorverk plant for years. He holds since recently a captain's liscence for larger ships, but has also served as a chief engineer. He knows the sailing routes in Breiðafjörður the lines in his own palm.

New employees are joining the group at just the right time while crowd restrictions are beginning to be lifted. Now we can say that summer is here.

All of Thorverks equipment has been checked, repaired, cleaned and maintained. Look how tractors, cranes and all other engines have had a good facelift. We hope that all employees appreciate working in such a nice and well-maintained environment.