We will be here: 5th seaweed for health

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The conference is held in Cork, Ireland late May. Here is the abstract of our presentatin 

Although macro-algae (mostly Ascophyllum and Laminaria) have been harvested in Iceland since 1976, the use of these in Icelad has not increased significantly during this time period. The role of the new Algal Centre of Iceland is to address the intreaging topic of modern processing and enhance research and product development. The ACI was founded 2022 in Reykhólar, West Iceland, close to the large harvester Thorverk. It has signed cooperational agreements for research projects to the Uni. of Iceland and Univ. of Hólar, the Marine Research Institute, and the long standing quality and biochemical research lab MATIS.

Thorverk and the community Reykholahreppur are the founders of the ACI and will facilitate guest hosting and seagoing vessels. The interest for algal products is on the rise but better education followed by research on ecology, ingredients and active compounds is needed before product diversification can start. A few research projects on seasonal variations and by- catch with wild harvest have been undertaken. Yet the the first course to be held since 1982 is currently in the planning phase. It will feature an overview of harvest, its directory monitoring, algea as a kingdom, its evolution and modern spread, biology and reproduction, semination and cultivation, chemical composition, historical and modern uses as well as interesting bio-active ingredients. The goal is to give an international and local interest groups of researchers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to dig into the rich and prestigious algal banks around Iceland in search for new ventures. Several projects are already on their way due to high interest on the market: cytokinins, laminarin etc for uses in agriculture.